The game is about a Robot, RO-BOT-TO, who tries to advance in a series of puzzles that take place in a flying castle. The theme ''joined together'' is the main aspect of the gameplay since the robot can separate itself in three parts and reassemble afterwards. However, to complete the game, RO-BOT-TO needs to become one again. made by Whyski bar


- Q  to Dismantle and interact

- E to Assemble

- Arrow up and down to change selected part

- Space to Jump

- Arrow left and right to move


Download 73 MB
GMTK 2021 61 MB


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I liked it a lot± Some times i got stuck and needed to reset the game, but it is great! only the jump is a little floaty, though…

Nice that you tried, this was our first game ever. We gonna make a remake one day.